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Imprime-Emploi is a non-profit organization focused on employment integration. Our mission is to help adults experiencing difficulties with social and employment integration to gain access to the job market. Nearly 70% of the 42 people we train in our workshop every year end up going back to school or landing a job.

We train people to become general assistants in binding and print finishing. The skills they learn open the way to jobs in printing and other sectors.

We provide tools to help these adults gain access to a better future.

What’s the money used for ?

” Employee health and safety is one of our key concerns. We aim to offer a danger-free environment that promotes the well-being of our employees. What’s more, we’re continually investing to renew our equipment and provide training that prepares learners for the real job market. To this end, we’re calling on your help. We’re accepting donations: $1, $50, $100, $1000… Every contribution makes a difference. “

Sébastien Beaudet

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Imprime-Emploi is a charitable organization recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency. That means that you receive a tax receipt for income tax purposes when you make a cash donation.

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