About Imprime-Emploi

We do a lot more than printing.

Founded in 1996, Imprime-Emploi is a non-profit social enterprise that offers digital printing services. We’re members of the Collectif des entreprises d’insertion du Québec. Our primary mission is to help young adults experiencing difficulties with social and employment integration to gain access to the job market by training them to be printing assistants.

Our skilled employees and motivated trainees provide effective, affordable, high-quality digital printing services for businesses, organizations and individuals.

A dual mission and a single vision

Imprime-Emploi’s mission is both social and professional.

On one hand, we are a state-of-the-art digital printing company that continually reinvests in training and technology to enhance employment opportunities. In our Montreal shop, our team creates a wide range of professional-quality digital printing products at competitive prices. Our customers are social economy enterprises, public institutions, communications agencies and private companies, as well as graphic artists and individuals.
Our vision is to deliver exceptional printed products to our customers and career guidance to young adults experiencing difficulties.

On the other hand, we encourage the social and vocational integration of young adults with certain challenges, by providing them with paid on-the-job training. They acquire marketable binding and finishing skills, gain self-confidence and broaden their job market horizons. Our trainees work as printing assistants  in a real-world professional environment so they can find — and keep — a job they love.

Our vision is to offer quality printed products to our customers and professional assistance to young adults experiencing difficulties.

A few of our satisfied customers