Environmentally friendly printing

Reduce your ecological footprint

Are you shocked by the outrageous quantity of paper wasted every day? Are you concerned about the environment? We are too!

Imprime-Emploi is proud to offer environmentally friendly printing services. We have implemented paper recycling programs, we have a vegetable ink printer that is less harmful to the environment, and we manufacture our own line of green paper products.

 We believe that we can make a better world by starting with small actions. 


Our own line of eco-friendly stationery: Ethok

Ëthok is our unique stationery boutique. All products are made with recycled paper and cardboard and printed with vegetable-based ink.

Our range of eco-friendly stationery includes:

  • Booklets (notebooks, coloring books, etc.)
  • Agendas
  • Bookmarks
  • Personalized products made to order

Our R du Verso program

R du Verso is our solution to paper waste. It transforms some of your used paper into common stationery items. For example, we reuse sheets that have been printed on one side only.

Bring us used paper in good condition and without staples, and we’ll convert them into new products, like notebooks and pads! With R du Verso, you reduce your ecological footprint while saving on office supplies.

How it works:

  1. Identify printing locations in your business or organization.

  2. Place a recycling box close by and put the paper to be reused in it.

  3. Once you have collected a large amount of paper, contact us and we’ll come pick it up.

  4. Select your new recycled paper product:
  • Tablet, booklet, notepad, etc.
  • Email us your logo and we’ll personalize it.
  • We also offer the option of printing with our RISO vegetable-based ink.

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We’re here for you! We offer turnkey solutions including graphic design, printing, finishing and distribution. A la carte options are also available.

When you choose Imprime-Emploi, you can rest assured that your digital prints will be of impeccable quality, competitively priced and delivered in a timely manner.

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